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Have a new piece of technology that needs repairing, servicing or refurbishment?
That’s our bag. We’re the team Australian manufacturers rely on for electrical repairs.
From EV chargers and drones to AI and AR devices — we’re the geniuses in tech repairs. 

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We are a certified ASPIRE member and proud to be active in the Circular Economy, driven to reduce waste, recycle materials and save on landfill.
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The market is saturated with
new technology but who's supporting or repairing it?

EV chargers, Drones, AI and AR technology — we’re in the midst of a tech revolution. But with a slew of new technology comes the need for repairs and service. Just like our existing appliances and electrical equipment, unforeseen accidents and faults do happen. It isn’t always realistic to just replace these expensive appliances each time a failure occurs — for both environmental and economical reasoning.  Not to mention the major negative side surrounding “down time”.

We’re the team manufacturers and owner-operators rely on to work it out.  From identifying causes and issues to sourcing spare parts, and right through to returning your equipment in “remanufactured” condition.  You can leave it with us. 

The nation's go-to for quick, cost-effective electrical repairs & technical support.

We’re the team companies around the nation rely on when you need something fixed and you need it fast. We deliver technology repairs quickly. and without fault. So, you can keep making money. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Keep your network of EV chargers in working order by partnering with us. We provide tailored repair packages.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Ensure longevity and success in your fuel cells and partner with us for your repair and maintenance needs.


Complex AI and AR technology calls for comprehensive, on-hand tech support.


You've invested big in quality technology. Engage the correct support and repairs team.

What do you have?

If it's electric, we can repair it. Have an obligation-free chat with our team.

The nation's go-to for quick, cost-effective
repairs & technical support.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Keep your network of EV Charging Stations in working order by partnering with us. We provide many tailored repair packages including all breakdown repair service and preventative maintenance programs.

Hydrogen Dispensing Equipment

 Ensure longevity and success with your H2 dispensing equipment and partner with us for your repair and maintenance needs.

Why choose FutureDrive as your
repair partner?

Quick access to spare parts

Our location and relationship with couriers means we’re well-placed to get spare parts in quickly to get your equipment repaired efficiently.

Efficient turnarounds on repairs

We know that when you need a piece of equipment repaired – especially for business – you don’t have time to wait. We have the expertise and proven workflow to provide fast turnarounds. 

It's cost-effective

We make it simple and cost-effective to repair your equipment. It’s already going to cost less to repair rather than replace, but partnering with FutureDrive means further savings for you.

Positive manufacturer-relationships

We know that business is improved, quality ensured, and efficiency perfected through positive relationships between FutureDrive and our OEM Partners. We’ll build these relationships with you to guarantee success for all involved.

We have a reputation for quality

We’d already built a reputation for quality in the petroleum industry as Kentronics. Now, we’re bringing that 25+ years of guaranteed quality to the tech industry.  

Rigorous testing processes

When we repair your technology, we want to guarantee we’ve done it properly. We’ll run it through a series of rigorous tests so we can hand it back to you with total confidence.

ISO 9001-certification

Since 2013 the ISO9001 accreditation has been held by our parent company Kentronics.  FutureDrive adheres to the ISO9001 certification standards.  We’re very proud of our quality workmanship and we are continuously improving the goods and service we provide.

The nation's go-to for quick, cost-effective
electronic repairs & technical support.


Repairs are our specialty. With a team of expert Electronic Technicians at the ready with a specialty in technology and proven processes, we get tech repaired efficiently and effectively. 

Service & Maintain

The best way to prevent costly repairs is by servicing and maintaining your equipment properly. We can define service intervals and complete these for you to keep your expensive assets in premium shape. 

Data & Reporting

When we perform repairs and refurbishments, we collect the data and compile detailed reports to share with our OEM partners. By doing so, we play a pivotal role in the continuous improvement of your products performance in the field.

FutureDrive is a division of Kentronics

FutureDrive is a tech-based division of Kentronics. We’ve long been providing tailored and expert support to the Petroleum and Precision Agriculture industries for decades. Now, as the vehicle market is expanding with electric vehicles and H2, we are too. We’re here to service and refurbish EV chargers and associated equipment.
We’re here for the rest of your tech and electrical needs too. From Drones and AI to Robotics and Hydrogen. We’re the team with the equipment, access to parts, and most importantly, the know-how to keep it performing at its best.

Our key team members

Kenton McKay​

With Kenton McKay offering the Petroleum Industry an alternative repairer for the many electronic modules found in retail and commercial Fuel Dispensing equipment and POS equipment. Kenton’s history with this industry started in 1986 after graduating as an Electronics Technician.

Mick Schulz

Mick started his career in Information Technology, and advanced to Computer Networks within the Electronics repair industry as well as Consumer Electronics. Mick also has experience in Aviation Electronics to add to his existing electronics repair background.

Sharyn Wright​

With 30 years of management experience from a variety of backgrounds including retail, fuel industry, hospitality and Facility Management, Sharyn knowledge of clients focused industries has seen her steer large service organisation to success in the Facility Maintenance and Fuel industry sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re working in a totally brand new space and division of electronics, so we’re sure there will be some questions. If yours isn’t answered below, get in touch.

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Supporting Australia out of Brisbane

We’re based here in Brisbane but we provide our technical and electrical support across the nation.

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