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Why choose FutureDrive as your repair partner?



Quick access to spare parts

Our location and relationship with couriers means we’re well-placed to get spare parts in quickly to get your equipment repaired efficiently.

Efficient turnarounds on repairs

We know that when you need a piece of equipment repaired – especially for business – you don’t have time to wait. We have the expertise and proven workflow to provide fast turnarounds. 

It’s cost-effective

We make it simple and cost-effective to repair your equipment. It’s already going to cost less to repair rather than replace, but partnering with FutureDrive means further savings for you.

Positive manufacturer-relationships

We know that business is improved, quality ensured, and efficiency perfected through positive relationships between FutureDrive and our OEM Partners. We’ll build these relationships with you to guarantee success for all involved.

We have a reputation for quality

We’d already built a reputation for quality in the petroleum industry as Kentronics. Now, we’re bringing that 25+ years of guaranteed quality to the tech industry.  

Rigorous testing processes

When we repair your technology, we want to guarantee we’ve done it properly. We’ll run it through a series of rigorous tests so we can hand it back to you with total confidence.

ISO 9001-certified

FutureDrive meets the ISO 9001 certification standards and has done since 2013. We’re very proud of our quality workmanship and are continuously improving the goods and service we provide.

Let's Have a Chat.

All it takes to get started is a chat. We absolutely love getting to offer tailored advice and guidance, as well as restoring electrical goods. Give our team a call or request one back.